Life isn't always a smooth ride,
What does it take to thrive in an imperfect life?

How often do we find ourselves stuck in the same old conversations, feeling misunderstood and alone?

We need authentic communication.

How often do we find ourselves unable to bridge the gap between what we have and what we want?

We need a new awareness.

How often do we feel like our emotions are controlling us and take us on a path we don't want to be on?

We need emotional agility.

How often do we long for love, but instead get distracted by the pressures and demands of life?

We need to realign with love.

There are so many of us that wake up at a certain time in our lives and are confused about how we got where we are. We have often done everything we thought we "should" do, but somehow we don't feel satisfied or fulfilled. Life seems to come at us so fast that we don't have a lot of time to process all the things that happen in our lives and all the things that are expected of us.

I create a space where women can slow down and process all the things that are controlling their lives - their everyday thoughts, emotions and the stories they have been telling themselves. A space where they can look at their inner world, gain valuable insight, and then reclaim their personal authority and make conscious decisions that transform the way they experience their lives!


Looking forward to hearing from you!



Show up in life with more authentic communication
and less misunderstanding
Show up in life with
more awareness and less indecision
Show up in life with more emotional agility and less
fear and uncertainty
Show up in life with
more love and less ego


Before I started my coaching  with Meg I was in a rough spot mentally, emotionally and physically. I had been seeking help from a number of different professionals, including Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors, Chiropractors, and Counsellors. Each of them definitely had their place and was able to be of help to me in some way but I realized I needed to focus and invest in healing myself from the inside out and not just focus on my "symptoms". After I had spent some time talking to Meg and having her answer some questions, I had such peace in my heart and knew this was the direction I should head to start my healing journey so I could go from survival to success.

One of the biggest benefits I have received from coaching is having a safe environment to grow. Meg has always, from day one, seen the best in me and not focused on my failures. I have the freedom to be completely real and honest in a judge free zone.

Since my coaching has started I have begun to see the best others. I am easier able to focus on the strengths of others instead of being a fault finder. This has greatly improved the quality of my relationships. I feel armed with strategies for success.



Meg is so good at what she does, true calling for sure! My life has changed is so many amazing ways. It's an absolute miracle!

The way I talk, the way I walk, and the way I act has changed for the better. I am more confident in making decisions. I now know I don't have to struggle to feel worth it and I don't have to fear always being judged. I'm very proud to have Meg as my life coach and I know she can change your life around for the better as well. I always look forward to my calls with Meg. She's so happy and 100% genuine. Thank you Meg for making my life so much better!

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Have you ever been so lost that you didn't know what the next step was? Or is you had it in you to take the next step? That is where I was before I began coaching with Meg. She helped me to find intuitive insights I would have never found on my own and then walked with me as I learned how to incorporate them into my life! Working with Meg has totally changed the way I live my life and the way I show up in relationships!

I am so grateful!